Guardian Consulting LLC

About Us

Guardian Consulting LLC is a private intelligence and advisory firm founded in 2006 to provide the skill and experience of a tested global network of dedicated professionals to serve the business community, governments, and individuals. Our principals and staff have decades of global operating experience providing investigative, intelligence collection and security related services.

New York City

Meeting Your Needs

Guardian's efforts on behalf of our clients in the areas of risk management, crisis management, litigation support, due diligence, intelligence collection, internal inquiries, security operations, and regulatory compliance are strengthened by the diversity of our experience and ability to leverage resources to staff every engagement with task-tested veterans. Through our strategic partnerships, we also provide strategic messaging, global asset location and recovery services, as well as a robust supply line security and compliance program.

Accurate & Timely

At Guardian, we understand what accurate and timely intelligence means to success. Guardian's proven methods for the deployment of major case investigations, overseas security, and intelligence operations provide unique solutions designed to assist our clients in attaining that success. Our professionals understand that success can be measured on many scales: financial, reputational, security, timeliness and resiliency. We appreciate that you know your business better than anyone; our job is to help focus your activities, leverage our experience, and provide the support needed to help achieve your goals.

Join Our Team

Guardian Consulting LLC is always looking for skilled and motivated individuals to be part of our team. If you are seeking new challenges and want to be part of a dynamic work environment send your resume here.